Five Effective Ways to Create Social Proof in Your Restaurant

Social proof refers to the belief that human beings can be conditioned to follow the example of others. It is evident from a very young age. Children unable to walk or talk well will naturally be drawn to the company of other children. Teenagers are often pushed to do certain things by their peers. The people in their social circle influence the choices of adults.

Social proof is what drives us to do the things that we do. Social proof can make your restaurant stand out online.

Collect ratings and reviews proactively.

Nearly 90% of people search for restaurants online before they go out to eat. Reviews and ratings are crucial in this process. Restaurant reviews are essential for modern consumers. They allow them to make informed judgments based on other people’s feedback. A business with more positive reviews is better than its competitors.

Collect reviews about your restaurant. According to studies, 70% of people will leave reviews when asked. You can also create a Google My Business account to make the process easier. Checks can also be used to aid in SEO.

Your restaurant will be more prominent online if it has more positive reviews. An Upserve study found that 33% of people won’t eat in a restaurant with less than four stars. You should also take the time to reply to all reviews, positive and negative. This shows that you are interested in what others have to say. Negative reviews can be a sign of areas that need improvement. Learn how to respond to negative restaurant reviews and take the appropriate steps to prevent negative reviews from becoming a PR nightmare.

Use “FOMO marketing” strategies.

FOMO (or “fear of missing something”) is the anxiety we feel when we think we are missing out on something. FOMO marketing is designed to incite anxiety in customers. This psychological marketing trigger aims to get guests to act quickly to prevent them from missing out on special deals that may not be available later.

There are many FOMO marketing strategies that you can use to create social proof and get people talking about your restaurant online. These social media contests provide a great example. You can hold monthly contests on Instagram and Twitter. Ask followers to use your hashtag and share a picture of their favorite meal to win. You can choose from a dessert, cocktail, or the same dinner they shared. More people will likely participate in your prize draw if they are more appealing.

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