How to build a customer engagement strategy

We invest time and money in marketing campaigns to build relationships with our target audience. We want people to interact with our brands online and offline.

People will feel more connected to your brand if they think it is authentic. Engagement is a great way to get word of mouth flowing, which is the best marketing strategy.

Engaging Customers for Offline Businesses

It is easy to assume that every business has gone online due to the pandemic. However, the offline business is still strong. Restaurants, bars, and pubs remain open despite lockdowns and other obstacles. They must keep their customers happy (now more than ever).

Many companies are ready to thrive in the post-pandemic world. Here are some tips.

Make it fun

F&B brands have included fun social activities like bar games and trivia nights (with proper social distancing). These activities work well in a world that is anxious to socialize.

You can also move your games online and change to at-home delivery if you have lockdowns.

It should be meaningful

Other businesses have also adopted the social responsibility approach. TOMS Shoes, for example, has been implementing this strategy well since its inception. They created a campaign in which for every pair of shoes sold, they would donate one pair to needy people.

Make Great Experiences

It’s hard not to feel connected with a brand that inspires, supports, and makes people feel at home. No matter what type of business you are, make each interaction positive. To maintain brand loyalty, it was crucial to provide exceptional customer service during Covid-19.

Online Businesses Need Engagement

If you have an offline presence as well as an online one, most of what you do offline will have a profound impact on your online business. Here are some strategies to increase engagement if your company is online.

Use Personalization

Most companies have a good understanding of their customer’s needs and preferences thanks to the integration of Big Data with various Business Analytics software. Personalization is a great way to grab patrons’ attention and help them find what they want. Personalization can also be a great way to convince people to sign up for your newsletter or browse your offers.


Although it may seem counterintuitive, using technology in customer conversations can be very beneficial. Research shows that intelligent chatbots can improve users’ satisfaction and engagement with the brand.

Because restaurant chatbots can answer simple questions quickly, they can also chat with multiple customers at once and work any time of day.

Chatbots can answer customer questions about products and services at any hour of the day, even if it is 1 AM. Customers feel valued and heard. This strengthens their relationship with the brand.

Talk to them on Social Media

Online businesses need to use social media. Social media platforms enable brands to present a more warm and human face to their customers. Conversations flow more naturally.

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