Laos guesthouses and budget hotels are where your Kip will get you the best deal

The backpacker’s paradise is Laos, where you can find cheap guesthouses and budget hotels. It takes real shopping to find excellent digs for a quarter of their price. It’s possible to spend a lot of time walking around the area. Although I didn’t see many guesthouses that dazzled me with their electric chic, I did come across a few pads that gave me an idea of what a backpacker’s budget might look like.

Where can I stay in Vientiane?

Vientiane, the capital of Laos, can seem a little sparse when it is time to go sightseeing or do things. There are many options for budget hotels and guesthouses to choose from in Vientiane (Laos). There are many options to choose from, so you won’t be disappointed if you find the fitting room for your needs and budget.

You get a lot of bang for your Kip! Dorm rooms are great for singles who don’t mind sharing. The rooms are well-maintained and clean. There is a sense of pride in the cleaning. Although they may not have warm smiles, the front desk does a great job.

Where can I stay in Luang Prabang?

Luang Prabang looks a lot like a little Waikiki but in Laotian style. The little town is filled with French colonial architecture, riverside bars, guesthouses, smoothie and baguette stands, and massage parlors. There are a variety of guesthouses and hotels for budget travelers in Laotian Town. You also have the option to stay at more luxurious hotels with colonial elegance. A night bazaar at Mt. Phousi, the Nam Ou River, and you can join the rest of the travelers at 6 AM to see monks receiving alms from the locals. This charming, chilled town can be viewed by either foot or bicycle.

Where can I stay in Nong Khiaw?

Dusty roads are the main thing you’ll see when you’re getting into Nong Khiaw. This small town is reminiscent of Laos’ Wild West. It can sometimes feel like a little ghost town. There’s very little to do except hang out at Delilah’s cafe, hook up to the internet and enjoy the views from the banks. There isn’t much internet access in the town. It does have a nice view of the river, karst mountains and a few guesthouses that can be accessed across the bridge. You can also glimpse into the local life.

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